Message from Dean

生産科学研究科長 中田英昭
Hideaki Nakata 

The Graduate School was established in 1988 as the Graduate School of Marine Science and Engineering, based on two faculties : the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Fisheries, where doctoral students received a three-year degree program. In 2000, it was expanded into the Graduate School of Science and Technology with a coherent five-year degree program organized by the former two-year system in the Master’s course and the latter three-year system in the Doctoral course. The Graduate School has been further expanded in 2004, from five to seven departments in the Master’s course (Mechanical Systems Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Environmental Systems Engineering; Materials and Molecular Engineering; Fisheries; Policies for Human-Environmental Symbiosis; and Environmental Conservation and Planning) and from three to four departments in the Doctoral course (Systems Science; Marine Science and Technology; Materials Science; and Environmental Science), newly incorporating three faculties : the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Fisheries , and the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

The goal of our research and education is to progressively develop individual fields of science and technology, and to create new interdisciplinary fields by fusing them together. The Graduate School of Science and Technology has been consistently evolving from “Tradition” to “Innovation”, aiming to function as a COE of the Asia and the World. According to this policy, our graduate school takes on the responsibility of educating our students to become excellent researchers as well as highly sophisticated and creative experts. The most interesting aspect of our graduate school is not only that it unifies the different fields such as engineering, fisheries, and environmental studies, but also that it advances into new interdisciplinary fields by collaborating with each other synergistically.