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Materials Science

○Professors and Reseach Activities
Field of Education and Research Major Field of Study Name Faculties States Research Activities
Advanced Materials & Energy Energy Conversion Science Masahiro Ishida Graduate School of Science and Technology Professor 1. Simultaneous reduction of NOx and particulate in diesel engines
2. Suppression and control of unstable flow in centrifugal blowers
3. Optical measurements of 3-D flow velocity and flame temperature
Hidechito Hayashi Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Coherent Structure in Unsteady 3-Dimensional Flow
2. Noise Characteristics of Turbo-machinery
3. Simple Simulation of Unsteady Flow
Hironobu Ueki Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Non-intrusive Measurement of Three-dimensional Multiphase Flow Using Optoelectronic Devices
2. Breakup Enhancement of High Speed Spray by Injection Control
3. Measurement of Three-dimensional Luminosity in Flame by Aberration Analysis
Science of Heat and Mass Transfer Toru Shigechi Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Boiling and Condensation Heat Transfer around Three Dimensional Bodies
2. Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids in Channel with Moving Boundaries
3. Development and Application of Program Package for Thermophysical Properties of  Fluids (PROPATH)
Satoru Momoki Graduate School of Science and Technology Associate Professor 1. Forced Convective Boiling Heat Transfer of Refrigerants in Tubes
2. Film Boiling Heat Transfer Around Three Dimensional Bodies
3. Correlation for Pressure Drop of Two-phase Flow with Consideration of Flow Regime
Tomohiko Yamaguchi Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Prediction of thermophysical properties of fluids
2. Thermodynamic analysis of power and refrigeration cycles
3. Measurement of thermophysical properties of fluids
Natural Product Chemistry Masatomo Iwao Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Development of Highly Selective Lithiation Reactions
2. Development of Novel Asymmetric Catalysts
3. Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Products
Masanari Kimura Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor  
Material Transformation Chemistry Masayoshi Onishi Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Syntheses and Properties of Novel Coordination and Organometallic Compounds of d- and f-block Metal Elements
2. Syntheses of New Low-valent Organo-transition Metal Compounds and Their Chemical Reactivity Studies
3. Studies on the Reactivity and Functionality of Polynuclear Transition Metal Complexes
Keisuke Umakoshi Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Synthesis of Multinuclear Transition Metal Complexes
2. Development of Luminescent Metal Complexes
3. Studies on the Reactivity of Complexes in an Unusual Oxidation State
Advanced Materials Bioscience Norihiro Matsubayashi Faculty of Fisheries Professor 1. Surface Tension and Related Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Electrolytes
Hisashi Ichikawa Faculty of Fisheries Associate Professor 1. Biochemical Study of Muscle Myosin and Myosin Super Family
2. Sol-Gel Transition of Muscle Myosin
3. Food Designing of Protein Hydrogel
Shuji Tanaka Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Structural and Functional Analysis of Enzymes
2. Enzymatic Synthesis of Organic Compound
3. Modification of Enzymes by Protein Engineering
Molecular Materials Science Takamasa Sagara Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Dynamics of Ordered Molecular Assemblies at Electrified Solid/Liquid Interfaces
2. Development of Novel Techniques in Dynamic Spectroelectrochemical Methods
3. Designs and Construction of Highly Functional Electrode Devices
Yasuhiro Shimizu Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Intellectualization of Semiconductor Gas Sensors
2. Control and Utilization of Microwave-induced Plasma Generated under Atmospheric Pressure
3. Surface Modification of Ceramics for Creating New Functions
Electronic Materials Science Hiroshi Fujiyama Graduate School of Science and Technology Professor 1. High-rate and Low-temperature Plasma Processing on Polymer Substrate
2. Plasma Deposition of Functional Thin Films by Subsurface Control
3. Micro Plasma Generation by Harmonic Electron Cyclotron Resonance
Hirotoshi Fukunaga Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Development of Magnetic Thin Film Materials for Micromagnetic Devices
2. Computer Simulation of Magnetic Properties and Design of Magnetic Materials based on Micromagnetic Theory
3. Development of New Nanostructure Soft Magnetic Materials for High Frequency Applications
Yoshinobu Matsuda Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Deposition of Functional Compound Thin Films Using Reactive Sputtering
2. Development of Plasma Sources and Plasma Diagnostics
3. Basic Research of Plasma-Surface Interaction and Its Engineering Applicati
Masaki Nakano Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Development of Thick Film Magnets for New-class Micromagnetic Devices
2. Low temperature Fabrication Process of Magnetic Thin Films
3. Development of Fe(orCo)-Pt System Magnetic Films for Medical Applications
Interface Control Science Shuji Tanabe Graduate School of Science and Technology Associate Professor 1. Preparation of nano metallic catalyst by ultra sound irradiation
2. Decomposition of volatile organic compounds with discharge plasma and catalysis system
3. Hydrogen production by plasma steam reforming of natural gas
Hirotoshi Yamada Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor  
Materials Design and Characterization Physicochemical Material Science Hiroto Murakami Graduate School of Science and Technology Associate Professor  
Super Structural Science Isamu Moriguchi Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Soft Chemical Synthesis of Nanostructured Inorganic Materials
2. Preparation and Application of Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite Materials
3. Development of Efficient Functional Nanodevices
Takeshi Ohgai Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Surface Modification of Metal and Fabrication of Nano-porous Materials
2. Electrodeposition of Thin Films and Nanowires
3. Characterization of Metal Surface, Thin Films and Nano-materials
Composite Materials Science Yasuo Uchiyama Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Preparation of Carbon Alloy with Noble Function
2. Preparation of Carbon-Ceramics Alloy with Noble Function
3. Evaluation of Oxidation Behavior of Inorganic Materials
Akio Kagawa Graduate School of Science and Technology Professor 1. Prediction of Solidification Defects
2. Application of Fused Spinning Deposition Method to Metallic Materials
3. Microstructure Control of Metal Matrix Composites
Ken Kojio Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Aggregation Structure of Polar Polymer Ultrathin Films
2. Control of 2-D Surface Structure of Polymer Thin Films
3. Relationship between Conformation and Molecular Mobility of Polymer Chain
Material Nature Control Science Masayuki Hasaka Faculty of Engineering Professor 1. Thermoelectric Conversion and Electronic Transport Phenomena in Compound Semiconductors
2. Lattice Defect and Atomic Diffusion Mechanism in Intermetallic Compounds
3. Non-equilibrium Arrangement of Atoms and Physical Properties of Melt-spun Alloys and Semiconductors
Shinichiro Kondo Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Theoretical Research on the Excitation of Charged Particle on Metal Surface
2. Theoretical Analysis on Magnetism of Iron-Silicide
3. Theoretical Approach on Spin Polarized Low Energy Electron Diffraction
Guo-bin Zheng Faculty of Engineering Associate Professor 1. Synthesis and Structure Control of Nano-carbon Materials
2. Mechanism, Properties and Applications of Nano-carbon Materials
Eco-materials Sciences Eco-materials Development and Characterization Koumei Baba Affiliated Division Professor  
Yasuhiro Shigemitsu Affiliated Division Associate Professor  
Hitoshi Yamaguchi Affiliated Division Associate Professor